A Fond Farewell

And so it is…Laura’s body (or what remains of her beautiful body) is finally out to sea very near to this beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic. The night before, I slept with laura’s ashes in my arms and felt a great calm and an extraordinary sense of electricity in my chest.  We also danced a little before bed to our favorite songs on the computer.

I asked Laura if I had picked the right spot to let her ashes into the water. And I heard back: ‘I love it. It is the sea!’ So I attached the two little paper hearts that we used as our wedding rings to her handmade paper box, and then I found someone to take me out in a boat. All day long lights flashed around me; which I took as Laura jumping up and down for joy.

Laura scuba dived all over the world. She wanted to teach me to snorkel, but we never had time. So in Laura’s honor I first dove off the boat and went snorkeling with a guide. I looked at a coral reef and all the little sea creatures that live in it. And for over 20 minutes I played with a huge shoal of sardines that circled around and around me. It was like a beautiful dance.  Writing this, I just realized that is exactly how Laura and my spirit connected during the life between life regression (we circled around and around in a shoal of particles).  And that was almost exactly a year ago this week. They say there are no coincidences.

Back in the pretty Dominican hotel on Playa Grande beach where I am staying, my computer (on random) immediately played Antony and the Johnson’s elegaic Dust and Water,  then Sade’s The Sweetest Gift. Laura was my soul mate and my sweetest gift. Her body is gone, but our love and our adventures go on.



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  1. Very moving Luce. You shared a last holiday together with Laura. xxx


  2. marylou says:


    for both of you.

    Resting in peace,

    and yet going forward.


  3. cathy diamond says:

    It is bittersweet to me to let go of the last physical remains of Laura, but your journey is so full of a self-aware embracing of everything Laura that it seems a fully natural part of your sentient evolution. Your trip seems heavenly and a perfect place to leave these remains.


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