I heart you


Saturday is Laura’s birthday.  This month she has been deluging me with hearts.  I find them everywhere, usually several a day; a heart shaped piece of breakfast eggshell, a wet patch by the bath, 3 heart shaped pieces of gum on the pavement, a tiny heart shaped red leaf, a line of a dozen hearts chalked along a street. Even  my new black socks have something stitched inside – guess what? – a blue heart. And one day I found one in the loo  (Laura’s idea of a joke).  And there are pennies too.  ‘Is it Valentine’s day come early,’ I puzzled.  No – it is my Valentine‘s day. We always celebrated for the whole month. I love you Laura, and I know you love me still.  Our love hasn’t died.  It simply changed form..

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  1. Luciane says:

    Laura feels like a lovely spirit that will always be with you. Enjoy all the love! xxx


  2. What a beautiful tribute for Laura on her upcoming birthday. The wonderful thing about the two of you is that you are able to see, receive, and appreciate the signs of love she is sending you from the other side.


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